USI-Tech: Few things you need to see

This is not a typical article.

It’s more of a compilation of videos which I believe are important to see when one is doing the research for USI-Tech.

All the videos are gathered from YouTube and are not ours.

Video #1: Full Business Presentation & Techcoin Countdown (63min)

Released Dec 13, 2017.

Video #2: Short Business Presentation (35min)

Released Oct 29, 2017.

Video #3: Is USI TECH a SCAM? Interview with CEO Ralf Gold (30min)

This guy is really drilling the CEO with uncomfortable questions to get the truth. Very interesting to watch. (Unlisted video on YouTube)
Released May 13, 2017.

Video #4: USI TECH Ethereum Mining Pool Proof (4min)

Released Dec 13, 2017.

Video #5: [Case Study] Is USI-Tech Legit – Doing The Math (22min)

Released Dec 12, 2017.

Video #6: [Strategy] How To Minimize Your Risk (21min)

Released Nov 01, 2017.


I still encourage everyone to make their own research when investing money,

but I am all in with USI-Tech.

Great idea, great team, amazing execution and great future plans.

If anyone has any good reason to feel that the risk is too high, please reach out and do let me know!

If you are all set and convinced like me …then …


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