Offline Affiliate Marketing

Most of the time, when you hear the phrase “affiliate marketing,” the images that come to mind are often linked with emails, websites, banners, and links. What many affiliate marketing agents don’t know is that this form of sales had its start offline, and that a good portion of affiliate marketing programs still exist to this day. Both online and offline affiliate marketing programs have their own perks and pitfalls, and it’s important to choose one that you really can work with easily if you want to make a lot of money.

Most offline affiliate marketing programs are based on giving marketers a stack of coupons with a special code linked to their name. For every person who uses their coupon, they receive a specified amount of money. They are often harder to track, but the fact is that many companies and affiliate marketing agents make a lot of money through offline affiliate marketing programs.

Of course, there are certain pitfalls to these kinds of affiliate marketing programs. Unlike online programs, offline affiliate marketing typically requires a certain level of interpersonal skills, a certain amount of connections that you already have made, and a certain kind of schedule, in order to actually be very conducive to money making. It’s also worth mentioning that for one reason or another, offline affiliate marketing commissions tend to be a lot smaller (in general) than online program commissions.

Even though there are pitfalls, many people choose to market through offline programs for a variety of reasons. Social butterflies often say that offline affiliate marketing comes naturally to them, and that it is a great way to squeeze in money making while out with friends. People who are not typically confident with their tech skills also tend to choose offline affiliate programs, simply because it keeps them away from the computer. Others just enjoy the fact that it gives them the chance to reach out and sharpen their networking skills.

Though affiliate marketing will always require work in one way or another, the truth is that it will feel like a lot less work to you if you choose a form of affiliate marketing that really works with the lifestyle that you live. Before you sign up with an affiliate marketing program, think about the pro’s and con’s of both online and offline marketing, and choose a program that you feel would work well with you. Otherwise, you are going to end up setting yourself up for failure.

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