Getting started with Clickbank

What is Clickbank?
Clickbank is one of the largest marketplaces for digital products. It acts like a bridge between digital creators or vendors and affiliate marketers which then promote the products to customers.
This means that people go there to sell, buy and promote pretty much any product as long as it is digital. Examples of products are usually e-books and software programs.

Getting started with Clickbank
The first step to getting started with Clickbank is setting up an account. At this stage you need to know whether you want to promote other products or sell your own. If you want to buy products you don’t need an account.
Setting up the account is fast and easy. Now, depending on the account type, you can start promoting or selling products.

Clickbank – How to buy?
The company has made buying surprisingly easy. The customer only has to select the product click pay and then select the payment method. The most common and simple is through Paypal. The process takes a couple of minutes at most and after purchase you get the product immediately.

Clickbank – How to sell?
After you set up your seller account, things are pretty easy when it comes to selling your products. Clickbank has given sellers all the tools needed to effectively sell their products. All they have to do is create their e-product and input it in the Clickbank selling process. That’s pretty much it. Now Clickbank’s own affiliate network will start finding the product and promote it. Depending on how good the product is, it will attract more promoters. Of course no one is stopping you from promoting it yourself if you want to, but the fact that there is already an established affiliate network at your disposal willing to promote it for you for a share simply mean you have enough time to start developing other products.
Clickbank offers a wide array of statistics to help you in your selling process. You can use it to optimize your product and ultimately increase your sales.

Clickbank – How to promote?
Promoting is very easy. Once you enter your account, all you have to do is browse the marketplace and find a product you like and then create the hop link. This link will be used by the affiliate marketer to promote the product. Once someone clicks it and then buys something, the promoter gets a percentage of the product price.

Getting started with Clickbank is very easy and is potentially the first step in building a successful affiliate marketing business.

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