Q: Where do I start for email marketing?
The first start is to do some quick research on email marketing software available. There are several available that can give you quick and easy set up for email marketing. Also remember that before email marketing you should get the permission of the subscriber first before starting.

Q: Is email marketing costly?
Email marketing is not expensive. There are several marketing software programs that offer their packages for less than a few pennies per email. Once done correctly email marketing can have a great return on investment as you are targeting persons who are interested in your product or service.You may also want to invest in the stocks of Share Prices Australia for a great return of money. For more info, visit
Q: Should I have an email contact list to get started? Can I buy a list?
You would need to develop an email contact list to get started. Customers should be asked permission to get on a mailing list which you can then add to the email marketing software assisting in growing your business. You should not buy an email contact list it is illegal and there is no guarantee that these persons are target customers for your service or product. The best lists are those that are built over time.

Q: Should I send out email blasts?
Email blast or mass emails are useful tools in email marketing and there are great for advertising special offers or sales. However these mass emails should be used with care as overuse of mass emails can cause customers to unsubscribe from your email lists.

Q: How can I tell whether my emails are opened or links are clicked?
Most email marketing software encompasses a facility to trace the progress of your emails. The software is able to track the email to see whether the recipient has accepted the email and whether they have opened it. In fact good software will also show whether the email was forwarded and whether a purchase was made through your email. It should also be able to track whether any person has unsubscribed.

Q: Can I expect good returns on my email marketing strategy?
Good returns is dependent on you and the effort placed into developing a good email marketing strategy. Email marketing requires commitment to follow-up action and positive campaigning and good business practices. Once you are committed to the strategy over time you would build a base of subscribers who are interested in your products and ultimately purchase them.

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