Email Marketing FAQ part 2

Email marketing basically means doing marketing and using the email as the channel. Every email sent to clients can be considered email marketing. Used effectively it can dramatically improve the sales. The most obvious proof is this is that companies are actively using newsletters to promote their products and offers.
So let’s analyze some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding email marketing.

Is E-mail marketing expensive?
This is one of the basic e-mail marketing FAQ. It is one of the cheapest online marketing instruments there is. All you have to do is design the e-mail and send it out to your list. In terms of costs, the only cost comes from designing the e-mail. This process can take anywhere from several minutes, to a day depending on the complexity of it. Even so, compared to other online marketing methods, this is still one of the cheapest and most effective ways.

Is E-mail marketing fading away to Social Media?
Although Social Media is growing at an incredible rate, the number of e-mail users are still is at least 4-5 times more. This means that at least for the moment E-mail marketing is still going strong. It is true; social media marketing can end up replacing e-mail marketing all together. However the process is very slow and at this stage there is no telling whether it will or not. This is an example of an e-mail marketing FAQ that only recently appeared with the social media boom.

When is the best time to send e-mails?
This is one of the oldest e-mail marketing FAQ. There is no clear answer since it depends on many factors. The most important one is your target group. Are you targeting teenagers, students, adults, older people, males, females? Consider the fact that most people work during the weekdays so you might want to send them during the evening. Students are an exception since most of them go out so it would be a good idea if you are targeting them to send it out during the day.

Will the e-mail end up in the inbox or spam folder?
This is the million dollar e-mail marketing FAQ. Of course every marketer wants its e-mail to be received in the inbox, but due to all the spam filters, it can be very easy to end up in the spam folder. So the truth is, it is very hard to tell where a promotional e-mail will end up.

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